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A brief selection of projects we've built with passion, right here in Jozi South Africa. If you'd like to see a wider collection please do get in touch.

Web Application Builds Company Overview Page

AssetPool - 2019

Asset Compliance & Verification Software

Manage your teams from a field service calendar, and measure overall team efficiency. Identify risk across assets, zones and sites. Safety is always top of mind. Great for remote areas, or working underground without an internet connection. With the use of unique codes, it’s never been easier to track asset compliance across portfolios. Inspections hold geo-location and time related information, helping you keep track of assessments. Secure 256-bit AES-TLS encryption, and lightning-fast infrastructure. With a dedicated assessment app for both Android and iOS, and an administrative application for your PC/tablet, AssetPool is truly multi-device compatible.

Staff Complement: 3
Time to Live: 12 months
Device: Desktop, Android & iOS
Link: Company Overview Page Graph - 2017

Cloud Invoicing, for the little guy. is an in-house product by Billow. We indetified the need for a system that could handle our invoicing, quoting, statements and general client admin. After a lengthy search with no options that ticked our small business needs, we decided to develop a system in-house. Clica is now live and open to the public on an annual or monthly basis. Complete with documentation and support facilities. As a company we use clica on day-to-day basis for everything from income statements to visual on the fly reporting and yes invoicing to.

Staff Complement: 4
Time to Live: 36 months
Technologies: Laravel, Vue.js, Foundation by Zurb, Chartjs, Redis, Amazon S3...

Isivivana Home Page

Isivivana Calendar

Isivivana Centre - 2016

Facility Bookings

We had the pleasure of designing and developing the isivivana centre's app. It functions as both a website and booking system. The system is fully controlled through a custom dashboard developed by the engineers here at Billow. The calendar system along with the time picker were both developed from scratch. The calendar options out there just felt a little bloated and overdone. We opted for designing a much slimmer purpose built calendar. The final step was to integrate time slots into the shopping cart.

Staff Complement: 4
Time to Live: 4 months

Campaign Runner by Billow

Campaign Runner by Billow

Campaign Runner - 2015

Catch and Release

The folks at Kwenda came to us with a great project. They needed a system that could capture entries and provide detailed stats on the data. The system needed to capture a customers purchases, tally up their total and then allow the customer to select a gift based on their entry value. The admins on the other hand then needed to be able to access extra data, for deeper reporting both within the application and externally. The brief came with a few prerequisites. The Promoters capturing entries were doing so over a 3G connection spread over several locations across the country, this meant that image loading needed to be kept to a minimum. In fact, we took it right down to 1 image (the logo) per campaign. All other visual rendering came straight from CSS and Javascript. The system is accessed by multiple users at any given time, which presented the need for access control. Access control allowed us to only show sensitive information to the right users within the system. Campaign runner is fully functional all the way down to smart-phone level, and that includes all graphing components.

Staff Complement: 1
Time to Live: 1 month
Technologies: Laravel, Vue.js, Foundation by Zurb.
Link: Public access not available.

Playbook Hub

Playbook - 2016

Corporate Meets Creative

Part social network, part artist booking system. This application puts artists and booking agents in the same room. Easily book and secure your favourite artist right through the website. With secure payment portals and payment guarantees through Playbook.

Staff Complement: 4
Time to Live: 5.8 months
Technologies: Laravel, Vue, Axios, Bulma, ScrollReveal, Vimeo, Dropzone... and many more.

Website Builds

  • Playbook website by Billow
    Playbook website by Billow
  • Playbook website by Billow
    Playbook website by Billow
  • Playbook website by Billow
    Playbook website by Billow
    Playbook website by Billow
  • Leloko website by Billow
  • Mowana website by Billow
    Umkhonto website by Billow
  • The Flooring Store Website by Billow
    PNYE website by Billow
  • Biotree website by Billow
  • Biotree website by Billow
    Biotree website by Billow
    Biotree website by Billow
  • LG G4 Micro-site by Billow
  • LG Air Conditioning Micro-site by Billow
  • Megafreight website by Billow
    Tiger Recruitment website by Billow
  • EDivision Zero website by Billow
    Baseline website by Billow
  • Baseline website by Billow
  • Blendid website by Billow
  • Blendid website by Billow
    Blendid website by Billow
  • Eggbert Eggs website by Billow
  • Kirk Roth website by Billow
  • AssetPool website by Billow

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