The 80's

We hail from a time before the internet, a time when music was made with instruments, a time when ethics were upheld. Billow is a small Web Design & Development company based in Johannesburg, SA. We've paired old school ethics with a healthy dose of modern tech.

If you'd like to work with us our project planner is a great place to start.

What We Do

  • Strategy

    The why of a project is just as important as the how. This is the most important phase of any project and encompasses not only the needs of the project from a supplier / customer point of view but also the readiness of the customer. Whether you’re a first time web buyer or a seasoned pro, our process will guide you at every stage of the project. As they say, proper planning prevents poor performance.

  • Design

    Based on the Strategy Phase, we'll have a clear understanding of what our customer is about, where they want to be and what they would like their customers to experience from their website or application. Instead of diluting good ideas, we provide a single well thought out render per project allowing for focused delivery of the idea. This is a great time for last minute changes to the Look and Feel.

  • Development

    Just like our design we code by hand and from scratch. Out of the box thinking sans out of the box code. The development stage is where the idea starts to come to life, the look and feel has been signed off, content has been received and our fingers are hard at work writing your precious code. Following best practices and industry standards allows us to deliver rock solid, future ready products.

  • Technologies

    We specialise in Laravel applications, if you're in the industry you'll no doubt have heard of it before. If not rest assured that we're working with cutting edge technology on our back-ends. VueJs is our weapon of choice for the front-end. When the project calls for it we seamlessly marry the two.

  • Maintenance

    Billow offers cost effective website maintenance plans should your application or website require upkeep. All tasks are requested and actioned through our in-house project management system. Not to mention on demand reporting to see exactly what we've been up to on your account.

  • Support

    Customer support with Billow is a breeze, in fact all support for our customers runs from the very same system that we manage projects, one portal to rule them all. Simply open a ticket and the right staff member will be assigned to assist you. All support requests are also included in the reports.

Services Overview

  • Website

  • Ecommerce

  • Vimeo API

  • Vimeo White

  • Amazon S3

  • Laravel Application

  • VueJs Application

  • Mailchimp API

  • Graphic

  • Corporate

  • HTML Email

  • Website

  • Laravel

  • Responsive

  • Website


Billow Clientele

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